About us

Lieto Savings Bank Foundation: supporting initiatives in Southwest Finland

Lieto Savings Bank Foundation was established in the spring of 2023 when Oma Savings Bank purchased Lieto Savings Bank’s business. However, our expertise and desire to support the local people go back much further, to the year 1895. That is when the cornerstone of our operations, Lieto Savings Bank, was established.

Our foundation aims to promote and support the following themes, particularly in Southwest Finland but also throughout the country:

  • thrift and economic education
  • education and research
  • science and culture
  • vitality, sustainable development and social activities
  • well-being and safety
  • upholding the savings bank ideology and tradition

Supporting the local community for the benefit of the entire country

We award subsidies, awards and grants, arrange events, studies and training to achieve our goals, and above all, deliver benefits to the local community. In addition, we aid and support other activities that align with the foundation’s mission: we uphold the savings bank tradition by collecting and recording related information and property. We also support the important savings bank tradition with other activities that benefit the foundation’s goals.

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